Friday, August 20, 2010

Well Here I Am at Holiday Inn...

...using up my Priority Club points and luckily I remembered to bring my laptop with me because they have free wi-fi. I still won't be blogging much tonight but just wanted to stop by my blog and say hi to you, my readers.

I spent way too much time stopping at Gander Mountain in Middletown, then at The Little Store in Roscoe, then at the original Dick's Sporting Goods in Binghamton but did manage to get in some time finding some hunting areas. Note, I did not say hunting spots because I did not get to hike more than about 45 minutes today to do any scouting. I figure I'll check out of the hotel early tomorrow and head for some of the better looking areas I saw today, then do some hiking and scouting at each. I am hoping to get at least 2 hours of hiking in at each of three spots. After 6 hours of walking, I'll park somewhere green and grassy and take a nap under the sky. Then I'll probably head home tomorrow night.

I've got to cut this off now so I can go get dinner and maybe a wee dram of something Irish.

All the best,

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