Saturday, August 28, 2010

Inglourious Basterds - a review of my 2nd viewing

I saw this movie when it first was in theaters - I guess last year. It was okay as far as acting and such but to tell you the truth, then as now, I will never understand the reason that the screenplay was written nor the reason it ever went on to become a movie. I don't care who wrote it or directed, yes he has made some other great films, but this one is not one of them as I see it. This is the sickest movie I have ever seen, quite possibly the craziest and worst storyline I have ever experienced in any form, and it is an absolute piece of trash in my opinion. I may watch it again another year or more from now to see if it makes any sense to me then as to why this piece of crap, in my opinion, was ever released but that is only because I believe there must have been some twisted thinking that some special message was being sent in it and that has me flummoxed and I do not like being flummoxed.

Maybe the message was for Germans, maybe for Nazis, maybe for Jews or other oppressed people - maybe it was for our brave men and women in the United States Military. Maybe there was no message and it is instead some form of sick conception of our military. I don't know. I do know this: I suggest that if you are a Jew who respects your religion, your morality and your traditions - don't watch it. I suggest that if you are a person of any other faith or simply a person of morality and ethics don't watch it. I strongly recommend that if you are in the U.S. Military you never emulate it. It is, in my opinion, truly disgusting and has absolutely no point to it except maybe to be as disturbing as it possibly can be - maybe just a movie to make you revel in insanity. I believe it to be the product of a warped and very sick mind and that even though I like a lot of blood and guts movies such as From Dusk Til Dawn and Pulp Fiction for ones made by the guy who made this one - this one is not like them. This one revolves around WWII and Nazis and Jews and our military and revenge and around the good guys becoming as bad or worse than the bad guys and goes far beyond the vileness of a group of extreme perverts as I see it. What a waste of film in my opinion. I know, opinions are like assholes - everybody has one. So allow one more time for me to put my ass right out there by saying:

Maybe I am an asshole for watching it a second time but I guess I just could not believe how terrible it was the first time around and I had to see it a second time to be sure. I am sure now, I believe it now. I think, figuratively speaking, that the screenplay was written by an asshole and the movie was directed by an asshole, produced by assholes, and performed by assholes because only assholes could produce a piece of crap like this - but as I said that is just my opinion.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Cap'n Bob said...

We bought the DVD, watched it and retired it the next day. Some poor folks that bought it from the Salvation Army will likely regret that they did.