Friday, May 28, 2010

Spiders - I do not mess with them...

...maybe because of something I read once in a book:

"If you wish to live and thrive,
allow the spider to remain alive."

That little ditty just makes sense. You let them live since they eat other bugs like flies and mosquitos that spread disease. While I may move spiders from a location in my home to outside if they look big and nasty enough, I am more likely to move them only if they are interfering with something while web building. For instance, I had one spinning a web on the front of my TV screen in the basement the other night. I was going to move it after my show was over but for some reason it gave up and moved elsewhere on its own. I got rid of what little web it had spun. Other times I have removed them from in the tub/shower because they wind up falling on me or someone else in the family when we take our showers. They don't hang on all that well once the water starts flowing and I sure get creeped out if one lands on my head unexpectedly.

Otherwise, for the most part, if I see a spider in the house it stays where it is and so does its web if it is a web builder. Just like when I see em outside, I usually just leave em alone even when inside. Why? Well, because they are beneficial to have around - at least if not something like a Black Widow or a Brown Recluse that could put a hurting one you. That way, the beneficial ones can catch any pesky flies or moths or whatever other type of pesky insect may find its way into the house in the warmer months. We sometimes have spiders all year round in the basement, but they are usually most abundant in the Spring through early Fall when they can be found throughout the whole house. Take for example the one pictured here. He was on the basement wall when I came downstairs to watch TV. I have no idea what type it is and the pic did not come out that good but maybe good enough so I can check my field guide and figure out just what it is. Of course, it could be an exotic species from abroad as spiders often come into the country in shipments of plants and other commodities, they are great hitchhikers. In that case the field guide will do me no good since it only cover North American Spiders. As for the one pictured here, after I took the shots, I just left it alone. Hopefully it is gobbling up a fly or a silverfish or something like that by now and it won't be looking for a bigger meal like me when I am slumbering in front of the television.

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quidni said...

I like spiders, as long as they're outside. If they come inside, there's only one variety I can guarantee I'll put back outside without squishing them first, and that's the solpugids. Ever see a Sun Spider? They'll even take on scorpions, & usually wind up having the stingtail for lunch.