Sunday, April 18, 2010

You'd do the same...wouldn't you?

I found this YouTube video of a firearms related news report embedded over at Xavier Thoughts - Nurse With A Gun and decided it was worth sharing with you if you have not seen it already.

Whether or not you believe that the right to keep and bear arms is one that should be exercised by all you should watch this video. When you watch it, make sure you have the sound turned up so you can hear everything the man has to say. Pay attention to what his relative says too. Pay attention to the man's reported medical condition and pay attention to his age and pay attention to his head. Guess what the marks are on his head before you see the close up - I thought they were related to his diabetes. I was wrong. Watch and see for yourself and as I said, pay attention to the video - pay careful attention to his question for the reporter. The question, or at least part of it, is the title of this post. How would you have answered him?

All I can say is that it was amazing this man survived and he only did so because he was READY to do what needed to be done. READY = he had a gun, he was willing to use it, and he used it.

All the best,
Glenn B

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