Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Am Not Advocating Violence, But Just Wondering...

...what would happen if after the next terrorist attack on the United States, committed by a Muslim, someone in the USA, a citizen and other than a Islamist, were to go out and kill a large number of Muslims. For instance, FOX News today reported that U.S. Officials are saying a terrorist attack within the USA is imminent (government officials reportedly said it will take place within the next 6 months). Let us for a moment assume that this information is correct. let us ow look forward and imagine that the attack has just take place. For our hypothetical purposes here, let us also imagine that the attack involved a single bomber or a small group of bombers who set off several explosive devices inside of the NYC subway system during rush hour killing hundreds of people and wound hundreds more. Let also also imagine that al Qaeda claims responsibility for the bombing and that they promise more to be forthcoming in the very near future.

Now, imagine if you will, a U.S. citizen maybe like me (no I have no intention of doing anything like this), maybe like you, maybe like anyone of us has had enough. He is incensed, he is fed up, he is disgusted with the response of the U.S. Government and state and local governments which all tell 'we the people' to remain calm because 'the system has worked' and government is doing all it can to protect us. Now imagine that this person goes out and buys a shotgun and also buys a few hundred rounds of ammunition. Then imagine this person showing up at services at the local Muslim mosque and opening fire during services. Imagine that 20 or 30 Muslims are killed. Imagine that 40 or 50 ore are wounded, most seriously with some almost sure to die from their wounds.

Can you imagine the outcome of such a scenario. What would it be? Would he be condemned by the Muslim community as a racist? Would the press hail him or demionize him? Would the terrorists think twice before committing another act of terrorism in the USA? Would they instead retaliate? If there was retaliation, would other US Citizens be prompted to take similar action and have them killing Islamists. What would the reaction of our government be - both out in the open and behind closed doors? What would be the reaction of 'we the people'?

Remember, this country has a small Muslim population by comparison percentage wise to places like Denmark, France and great Britain. Would violence in the USA against Muslims help to reduce or increase the threat of terrorism within our shores and in the long run would it help prevent any potential for an Islamic takeover of our country.

As I said, and I want to stress this - I am not advocating any form of illegal violence, I am only wondering what would happen if such would take place - what would the short term - mid-term and long term results be? What do you think?

All the best,
Glenn B

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Kansas Scout said...

Interesting question. If we experience enough attacks like you say, then I think citizen reprisals would be both inevitable and at some point numerous. Especially within the local area of the terror attacks. If all this politically correct nonsense continues after the next serious episode, people will conclude the govt. is not serious about addressing the problem. That is, Muslims in our very midst who will likely attack us again and again.