Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Range Day Today - Quarterly Qualifications

I went up to the NYPD Firearms' Range at Rodman's Neck today to qualify for my agency. I only got to shoot my issued Sig and my personal Glock 26 due to the fact that my issued Remington 870 was sent in for repairs not too long ago. it had already been returned to the PFI but he did not get a chance to turn it back over to me and it is sitting in a vault in our office. That could be a good thing as my shoulder has been feeling a bit out of sorts for the past few days; I must have pulled when I should have pushed.

I did pretty good with the pistols. I shot a 249 with the Sig, then shot a 250 with the Glock. The 250 is the top attainable score. I was going to say perfect score but my grouping was certainly not perfect, yet good enough to have em all in the 5 ring.

It was a nice day for shooting and we had a good crew at the range. The instructors are top notch, but sure were short handed today in that there was only two of them there. It went well anyway and I had a blast - no pun intended.

The pistols have both been cleaned. I did that right after getting home because happiness is a clean, lubed and functioning gun. I mean I would sure be happy if they worked as planned if I ever needed to pick em up at 0400 to shoot an intruder bent on harming me or my family. So they had best be cleaned, lubed, functioning and therefore ready when and if ever needed.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

Good For You!!

And sound advice on the cleaning