Thursday, August 13, 2009

That Was Quick...

...or at least I am thinking that was quick. The quick I am referring to has to do with a UPS delivery attempt notice I got today when I arrived home from work. It said UPS tried to deliver a package requiring an adult signature to my home today but no one was around to accept it. When I did some checking on their website I see the package was sent from Illinois. The only thing I have ordered recently from Illinois was a Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle I ordered from RGuns. I ordered that late afternoon on the 10th. It is now the 13th. Wow, if the place I ordered that from can get a rifle out that fast what is wrong with all these other online gun dealers who all to recently have been claiming they have a two to three week backlog on their orders? I am hoping that when I pick up the box, yes I arranged for it to be held at UPS so I can pick it up at my leisure, it will contain a very good to excellent condition rifle as I ordered. If that is the case, and if it is in good working order, well that will have been the best online order I have ever placed for anything.

I suppose I'll have to pick up some non-corrosive ammo for it this weekend (as in current manufacture) at
Big Al's Gun and Premier Knife Show up in Danbury. I will have to make sure it is non-corrosive because I pretty much ruined the barrel on my Mosin Nagant M44 using that surplus corrosive crap (which when I bought it was assured it was non-corrosive - yeah right).

All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

Well, was it the weapon?

Holy smokes that was fast if it was!

Glenn Bartley said...

Yep it was quick indeed becaus eit was the rifle. They must have had em boxed and ready to go.