Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Biweekly Gun Shots 8 - Henry Pump Action Octagon in .22LR

I have always wanted a 22 rifle in pump action, but just have never gotten around to buying one. Most of the ones have seen over the years are many years older than me, and that is pretty darned old since I am passed the half century mark by a few. Then Taurus came out with one, but I was not impressed by write-ups I read, nor by what other shooters told me about them. Now Henry Repeating Arms Company is producing one that is a reminder of a bygone era of when these rifles were often seen and shot at carnivals, or seen accompanying boys on bicycles as they headed out down the road a ways to hunt squirrels.

Just take a look at this rifle (click on the pic to enlarge). I hope Henry does not mind me using their pic to illustrate it; it is a beauty. From the deeply blued octagonal barrel to the richly finished and wonderfully grained walnut stock, I think you have to admit it is one fine looking rifle. Besides that, what with the pump action fed by a 15 round tube magazine and it being chambered in .22LR (also chambered in .22 Magnum) it must be one heck of a fun plinker, target shooter or squirrel slayer. My bet is that it would put those bushy tails in the pot but if you prefer punching holes in paper I'll bet it would do the trick. It is not an inexpensive rifle for sure, what with a SRP of $515.00 (in .22LR), but that just makes me think it is a well made one. This would be a great find under the Christmas tree next Christmas; of course, it would also be nice as a birthday present so I could get in some squirrel hunting with it this coming fall. A man can wish, can't he!

For more info about it visit the Henry site at:


Of course there is a thing or two that makes the Henry Pump action rifle even more special. It is made in America, and better yet it is made in Brooklyn - and for those of you who don't know -yes Brooklyn is inside of New York City. Choke on it Bloomberg!

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Glenn B

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thom said...

I tried one of these out but I found that the slide caught me on the hand when pumped back. I wish Henry made a hammerless version. Pretty little rifle, just not worth the torn up thumb.