Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pittsburg Super Bowl 43 Champs - and Me I Am The Big Money Winner

Yes folks, this evening I put my money on the Pittsburgh Steelers is for no other reason than they have been in Pittsburgh for as long as I can remember, and that goes as far back as when I used to be a football fan. Those Arizona Cardinals, on the other hand, just seem to flit around way to much from one home to another. Then of course there was that other reason, both Brendan and Julia told me they were rooting for the cardinals, and so was Onkel Hans at whose home we were about to watch at least the first half of the game (we'd have to leave at half time so Brendan could drive Julia back to her college, but I got to watch the rest of the game at home). With them deciding to go for the other team, I decided to make a big money wager on my team and that is just what I did to show my faith was in them all the way.

From the early score by Pittsburgh, to the absolutely awesome all time Super Bowl record touchdown/interception return run (or whatever you call it), to the touchdown with less than a minute to go, to the fumble caused by the Pittsburgh defense with seconds remaining - Pittsburgh did not let me down. Now I have got to point out, those Cardinals sure helped make it one heck on an exciting game. No matter which way it turned out that was one amazing 60 minutes of football; and it just so happened that it turned out in my favor! Thanks to the play of Pittsburgh, the nonstop full 60 minutes of play, I am so much the richer tonight.

Well, at least I will be so much the richer when my son pays me the single dollar I won from him. Now that I think of it, I just gave him eight bucks in singles I had in my pocket for a bit of extra pocket change, and all I'll be getting is one of my own dollars back. Oh well it was an exciting game anyway. I may have that dollar framed, but my bet is Brendan would like to burn it.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

Woohoo...until I read that it was your money! lol

I have one Eagles fan and one Cardinals fan in the home. Last week ended the Eagles fan dream to the Cardinals...this week the Eagles fan feels vindicated!

Me...I am a Cleveland Browns fan...and for the joke of it a Bills fan(for obvious reasons!)

Hey head on over to the dollar they seem to have been one of the few places that has still been successful "in times like these" woe!