Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One Victory For Taxpayers

That victory would be that the alleged tax cheat Daschle is out! Good riddance. Hopefully he will also resign his seat in Congress (edited: My mistake, I guess he is no longer in Congress having lost his last election). As I see him he is probably a crook and a tax cheat, and does not deserve to be in a seat of authority. I heard a democrat senator today saying how wonderful is Tom Daschle's integrity - I guess that means whoever was saying that just has absolutely no clue as to the meaning of integrity!

My bet is that the calls placed to elected officials had a lot to do with this. I tried calling my senators today and got a busy signal about 30 times each. I also tried to write to the White House but the email would not go through. is that because the new President has changed things and doe snot allow The People to send emails, or maybe because they were so inundated by them today that the systems could not handle all of them.

If you contacted a senator, representative or the president's office to oppose the appointment of Tom Daschle - good for you. We won a small victory today.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

I agree with you! I remember when he lost his seat and during his campaign two gorgeous women ask to have their photo taken with Daschle. It was hilarious because on the womens tee-shirts which Daschle did not see was the opponents name, and just before the photo snapped they opened up their jackets...

well worth looking for if you have not seen it. I think I saw it on wizbang but it has been awhile.

Anyhow one out many to go.