Friday, February 20, 2009

The Birthday Calculator

Here is something neat to give a try. It is an astrological and astronomical calculator concerning the date of your birth. Go here to give it a try:

Don't be confused when you get to that linked page because there are more than one thing on the page, such as a link to a site that supposedly tells you your real age based upon a test you take. The birthday calculator simply consists of three drop down boxes into which to enter your birthday and a submit icon. Once you enter your exact birthday, then click submit, you will be sent to a page that tells, among many other things:

The probable date and day of the week of your conception

On which day of the week you were born

How old you are by years, by months, by days, by minutes and by seconds (yes this last one will make you feel ancient)

Titles of, and links to, hit songs on your birthday, American celebrities with whom you share a birthday, a lot of nonsensical information about your: horoscope, birth signs, lucky numbers, your personality based upon your birthday and so forth (which amazingly enough was pretty right on for me), U.S. population and birth and death rates during the year of your birth, the phase of the moon on your birthday,a lot of other information about things related to your birthday.

What I liked best was my Fortune cookie, but of course I always add two words at the end of any fortune I get. What words? "In Bed" - what else! If you ever want a good laugh, try that next time you eat at a Chinese restaurant and get fortune cookies at the end of the meal.

The Birtday Calculator = Just an interesting and fun piece of curiosity.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

I went to this site or something similar a bit ago. As to fortune cookies I always get a dorky fortune. Perhaps that is telling?