Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ah, The Glories of Socialized Medicine...

...or should that be the 'GORIES'.

Twenty-two (22) people have lost their site in either one or both eyes after free cataract surgery offered by the government of India. Now before you start saying oh that is in India so please do not make an analogy to the USA, please bear in mind all of those doctors and nurses named Patel (or with some other Indian name) - so yes it could happen here too. You see (definitely no pun intended), it is not the fault of doctors of Indian descent, it is the fault of the type of medicine being practiced, and that type is socialized government has the answer to everything medicine. Government control of such aspects of our economies does not work. It does not work in Canada, China, England, Germany, India or elsewhere. This is just another warning from outside of our borders that if we turn to socialized medicine, then our medical system is due to fail catastrophically.

Read the article here:,2933,490828,00.html

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Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

Funny I thought the same thing, because I was in Las Cruces this week and there were several billboards along the freeway offering free dental care on Friday.

I wonder if and when something goes wrong what can legally happen?

I tell you Glenn, I have never been so worried/well concerned about the crappy times of our nation.

Stock up is my new mantra...