Monday, January 19, 2009

The Cold and The Snow

So far this past fall, and this winter, we have had several snowfalls here and in the nearby New York metro area. It is pretty unusual to have so many snowfalls as we did before January, and the number of snowfalls seems not to be falling off. This weekend we had two. Of course we only got about a total of 3 or 3.5 inches. Now, the amount of snow is not the issue. Rather, I am just surprised, what with Global Warming and all, that we are having so many snowfalls and that the temperatures here in the New York area have been so cold. I imagine that once President Elect Obama is sworn in as president tomorrow he immediately will have his Global Warming Czar manufacture, in a green way, some ludicrous reason as to why the whole country is experiencing one of the coldest winters in memory. Of course, I figure that reason will blame it on the melting ice caps as caused by Global Warming or something like that. You can bet they will not say that the Global Warming theory is wrong, they have too much invested in pushing the theory and they stand to gain ever so much from propagating it further.

All the best,
Glenn B


I'm Hernadi-Key said...

nice information sir ..

i've a lot of article about GLOBAL WARMING..

come on join with me to fight GLOBAL WARMING..

Humble wife said...

Goral warming is reAL(well in the minds and carbon dollar offsets that they are bringing in!)

I sometimes miss the snow, but I am a tad sunburned today from lovely NM sunshine!