Monday, December 8, 2008

The Deer Were Left Laughing In The Wood Again...

As He Slumerbered in The Wood

The Deer Were Left Laughing In The Wood Again
at the lack of prowess of the hunter right then.
They had little fear of this hunter or his gun
And soon they knew it would their time for fun.
They sent in small spies to see if all would be clear
you see deer are not dummies even with no fear.
Chickadees flittered and fluttered through the trees,
As the mighty hunter's head nodded toward his knees.
They saw his rifle already resting on the side of a tree
You could get the idea that the hunter knew what would be.
Next in they sent a spy of a larger and different demeanor
Who could certainly take care of a hunter by getting meaner.
The black bear ever so quietly sniffed, listened and looked
He liked the deer too much to see them by a hunter get cooked.
He gave a soft snort to indicate the coast was all clear
then the deer slowly and softly started to draw near.
They jumped when the mighty hunter began to snore
but soon they realized it was a snore - nothing more.
The hunter was slumbering soundly against a tree
and now was there time to frolic in fun while free.
Only one danger from this hunter they need fear
and that would be an ache from snores in an ear.
So they came in close to him as was allowed by reason
and danced round his stand this last day of hunting season.
In too came some squirrels, some turkeys, and bobcat
All just in time to see the hunter loose his orange hat;
as the wind had stirred while watching this commotion
and off blew his hunting cap, flying in a circular motion.
It landed there right on his overly large belly
and it was jiggled and juggled as if sitting on jelly.
Then in swooped an owl with nary a sound
grasping cap in talons before it hit the ground.
Suddenly the hunter muttered and turned just a bit
and the deer and other animals thought this was it!
They all softly made their way back into the wood
but of their visit left sign never to be misunderstood.
The hunter in a dream to rustling footsteps awoke,
grabbed trusty rifle and waited not quite getting the joke.
For there all around him as he soon would certainly see
were tracks of bobcat, squirrel, bear, deer, and wild turkey.
Yet he waited with hopes of getting a clear shot,
on a deer that another hunter had not yet got;
but the light was fading, the day soon would be ending
hunting season was closing, aches needed tending.
So the old hunter got up and as he gathered his gear
and was amazed at the tracks all round him so near.
Bear, bobcat, squirrel paws all had marked the snow
deer also had have to have come and to go.
All while he uneasily slept and had a fabulous dream
of forest animals having fun, all working as a team.
He reached for his cap, his head cold,
He wondered had the animals truly been so bold.
As he looked for his cap he searched all around
then seeing some small feathers there on the ground
he looked way up to the branches of a tree
and there was his cap almost too far to see
Thunderstruck, realizing it was no dream as he slept
He made up his mind it was his secret to be kept.
For truly no dream were these tracks in the snow
But who on earth would believe him if he told them so.
Then when he was leaving he turned and gave a last look
And they were all staring at him from every forest nook.
Hundreds of forest creatures from far and near
Had come to laugh and to give him a sneer.
So he raised his hand slowly, then gave them a salute,
and unloaded his gun, he would not shoot.
The season had ended this year the animals won
but someday he'd be back and he'd again bring his gun.
He told them next year he would sure to again stop by,
and promised next year he'd have a more vigilant eye.
He would be certain next year to remain wide awake
and to his prowess as a hunter make no mistake.
Fair warning he gave to all those forest creatures
but it did not change one thing about their features.
He swore they were laughing at him as he spoke
and having fun at his expense over their joke.
The deer he left laughing in the wood right then,
all waiting and wishing he would visit again.

All the best,

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