Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Have Been Busy Ordering...

...things like 7.62x39 ammunition. I went on the Sportsmansguide.com site and I ordered:

1. Wolf® 7.62 x 39 122 Gr. HP 500 rds. Product: WX2-54048 In Stock. Quantity: 1, Unit Price: $109.22, Total Price: $109.22

2. Wolf® 7.62x39 154 Gr. SP 500 rds. Product: WX2-73974 In Stock. Quantity: 1, Unit Price: $113.97, Total Price: $113.97

That works out like this:

Payment Information:----------------------------------------------------------------------Merchandise Total: $223.19
Shipping and Handling: $17.49Shipping Method: [Ground]
Coupon: [SN441] - $10.00
* Grand Total: $230.68

That will give me over somewhere over 2,000 rounds on hand. Hopefully they have it in stock. I will probably also order another 1,000 rounds of it in 122 grain FMJ.

Now I only own one rifle to shoot that ammo. We thought Brendan also would have had a Saiga in 7.62x39 by now, but the gun store that told us they had it today told Brendan they sold it. Those rotten dirt bags, I do not know how they stay in business. had us calling them for almost 2 full weeks, telling us each time they were looking for it in their basement stockpile, and that it was in stock for sure, then tell us they sold it. I called and gave them a bit of my mind. The other guy who was suppose to get some in said his planned for ones never arrived.

So what to do with all that ammo and one Yugo through which to shoot it. Well, I just ordered another Yugo from SAMCO. It is supposedly in NEW condition, and it cost $249.95 plus shipping of $20.50. I hope they have my C&R license on file or this could become a hassle. I sent my C&R to them back in June or July when I ordered a Spanish Mauser from them (that was on back order and has not yet been filled). Hopefully the Yugo order will be filled without delay, so I get one. You can bet they are in short supply, and will sell out soon at inflated prices (yes I know the price is already inflated).

So there goes $501.13 that I know was well earned money, and that I think is well well spent money too. At least that much of my pie will not get redistributed.

Anyone know a good source for cosomoline?

All the best,
Glenn B

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