Sunday, November 2, 2008

Balleseye's Firearms Accessories Tournament 1.1 Winner

Yes folks we have a winner in Balleseye's Firearms Accessories Tournament 1.1. There were only 6 entrants who ventured a guess as to what was the mystery item, and while two contestants came close with guesses that is was a Glock grip they were still a bit of center mass. The one and only correct answer came from Bill Hatfield of Altonna, PA who guessed that it was a "Glock magazine loading tool". For his correct entry, Bill wins the cleaning kit I showed in the post about the contest; and I'll be mailingit out to him this week. Congratulations to Bill, and thanks to the rest of you who joined in the contest.

By the way, even though the contest only had 6 entries, I think I'll keep it going for a while at least. I imagine that with time the number of entrants in each contest will grow. I do not know yet what the contest will be, but I do have some ideas; now I'll have to dig up a prize. Maybe a nice nylon holster, maybe not; but whatever it is it will be a gun related accessory.

All the best,
Glenn B

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James R. Rummel said...

The way to garner and keep interest is to follow a regular schedule with this sort of thing. The Monthly Gun Accessory Giveaway! Or whatever.

I urged my own readers to participate in your guess-to-win contest. Don't give up now, it could draw some new eyes to your blog over time.