Thursday, November 27, 2008

6 Pretty Hefty Frogs...

...2 pounds of shrimp, and a pound and a half of scallops should blend nicely with some other ingredients (like butter, salt, white pepper, sliced almonds, or sliced chestnuts, some shallots or green onions and whatever else I can come up with) for me to come up with one heck of a delicious appetizer for our Thanksgiving dinner. Then again, I may have to hold off on things because I have to travel to see my mom tomorrow, then head back home for our holiday meal; and you can bet my wife is not going to off a half dozen frogs then gut em and saute em . An outdoorsy catch em, skin em, cook em Sarah Palin type she is not; but she is one darned good cook. It's just she sure won't cook those frogs, I'd bet on it myself. But I digress. My day will be filled with running around and that will have time being very tight for me, so those frogs may yet make it until Friday - but you can bet they are not getting any sort of a presidential pardon around here from me. It's just been way too long since I have enjoyed frogs legs.

Oh, if you are wondering where I came up with 6 large live frogs in New York in November just let me tell you that you can buy just about anything in Chinatown when it comes to good eats. Thats where I picked up the shrimp, the sea scallops and the chestnuts too. I am getting hungry just thinking about it all. Mmmmmm gooood.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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