Friday, September 5, 2008

Wanna Bet They Buy Their Own Gun Soon...

...I am willing to bet that they do, that is if they don't already own one. If they already own one, you can figure it a sure thing they will start keeping it more handy. The they I am talking about are: Kellie and Keith Hoehn of Fort Worth.

Two men allegedly broke into their home recently, at least one armed with a shotgun, the other with a pistol. When the shotgun was pointed at her children's room, well Mrs. Hoehn did what a brave mom would do - she went ballistic and she fought back. One of the first things she apparently did was to grab the shotgun and push it away from pointing at the kids' room. Then her husband tackled the guy and she cold cocked him in the head with a heavy object. Mr. Hoehn wound up with the shotgun, and the whole mess somehow wound up outside the house where he shot and wounded the alleged bad guy who was reportedly armed with a handgun. It was, reportedly, about then that the guy who used to be holding the shotgun came at Mr. Hoehn, and his wife yelled 'shoot him'. Mr. Hoehn obliged and hit the alleged bad guy, but the bad guy still tried to come at Mr. Hoehn who then shot again and killed him.

If this happened as it was reported, all I can say is bravo times ten for Mr. and Mrs. Hoehn. My bet is they will soon own their own shotgun or other self protection firearm. See the story here:,2933,417122,00.html.

All the best,