Thursday, September 18, 2008

Link Lists Updates

I was under the weather today, aches, pain, more aches, stiffness (Lyme Disease) but still have have been busy. In fact I have been busy for hours, on and off between naps, cups of tea, and pain killer, updating my link lists over to the right side of my blog pages. I have added a new category, changed the name of another, and added a lot of new and interesting blogs and websites t my link lists. As you will see, the list titled: "Rootin - Tootin - Shootin Bloggers" has the most entries of all. These are all gun friendly bloggers to one extent or another. Of course I kept the: "Grumps, Geeks, Gun Guys, and Geniuses - All Worth A Read & Who Gave Me A Courtesy Link - Thanks" because those folks are all nice enough to give me a reciprocal link. It does not matter what category in which they blog (so long as i beleive their sites ethical enough to provide a link) they get a spot in that link list because they gave me a reciprocal link. Some are gun bloggers, others are not. Another list: "The Other Bloggers of Note" was also expanded. Finally, I changed the name of the 'reference' list I had, and it is now called "Font's Of Knowledge - well some of them but not all". As you will see when you visit those links, some are truly fonts of knowledge, others just pools of muck and mire made up of slime that has oozed through the mud, only one or two additions under that category.

All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

I confess that the blog roll title that you have my blogs under makes me depending on the day, I pick who I am...

today is like the weather, partially grumpy, always geeky and most certainly a gal!


GreyBeard said...

Thats quite the list of Blogs! Sorry to hear about the Lyme stuff.
P.S. I know there's "bad blood", but have you noted that Kim Dutoit is retiring from blogging?


Glenn Bartley said...

Kim Du Toit's retirment from blogging is a loss to the Blogosphere that will be difficult to replace contentwise. That was since he often had interesting blogs full of good information. Yet he also had blogs full of venom, even for some of those who generally, if not always, were in agreement with him. This seemigly often got him into personal conflicts with his readers and forum users and he got nasty as I remember.

On a personal level, for those like me who may have disagreed with him on one point or another, or for those of us also like me whom he bad mouthed over a misunderstanding on his part, or for those in general whom he put down based upon his biases, or for those he slammed because they had the 'audacity' to disagree with his wife, it is my opinion they will not miss him. How could we miss what I beleive to have been the nasty disposition he and his wife and some of his cronies displayed to those of us whom were not his brand of penultimate ass kissers. He liked, I think, to portray himself as thick skinned like a Cape Buffalo, but my impression of him was of a more thin skinned animal - more along the lines of a snivelling gerbil.

He was, in my opinion an intelligent good writer, but a nasty arrogant whiner if you disagreed with him and did so intelligently and respectfully. As I saw him, so long as he could not figure out how to best you by intelligence, he would ultimately resort to trashing you as best he could, and then would just cut you off if that did not succeed. No, I won't miss his forums or his blog at all.

All the best,
Glenn B