Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Buy Your Watermelons For The Weekend Today...

...because the price is almost sure to rise by tomorrow. The price of gasoline and diesel have little to do with this anticipated price increase, yet the price increase could be a steep one indeed. I base it all on supply and demand, and I expect the demand to rise sharply. Once the watermelon is all bought up, I also expect people not to just eat the fruity red part, but also to start eating the rind, or at least part of it. Why? Well you see, there is this article at FoxNews.com. If reading that is not enough to get at least 25% of the people in the USA hopeful that they can have a much more fun weekend if they eat watermelon (including the rind), and maybe another 15% convinced they will be healthier if they eat it, and therefore cause a price increase, then I don't know a thing about the human condition. There is sure to be a rise in interest in all things watermelon after this article makes the rounds (sorry I just could not resist).

All the best,
Glenn B


Pen of Jen said...

Hey Glenn,

I wrote a post today I think you will understand!

Boy the clarity in my own life after this post is vividly clear. So without too much...my second son was born mid June....my third son was born 9 months 10 days later...(a tad early) and now I find out that it was the watermelon?!?!?!?!?!?

We were in Germany having a wonderful Summer BBQ'S at many friends...hmm

I guess Walmart will sell out!!

Glenn B said...

I'll bet the shelves are bare of them before Friday.