Saturday, June 28, 2008

John McCain For Prez - My Contributions Begin

The graduation party for my son is over, the guest have left, and I just sat down at the computer a short while ago. I checked my email and there was one from GOPUSA Friends. It was soliciting funds for John McCain and offered a chance to enter a ride on the bus with McCain contest or something like that. I figured it was as good a time as any to start contributing; and who knows maybe I will get lucky and win a ride on the campaign bus with our next president John McCain. So I made a donation. (Please note I cannot and will not even suggest you make one, as a federal LEO I am forbidden by the Hatch Act to do so, although I can tell you my opinion and what I have done.)

What I donated was not much, in fact it was a pitiable amount at best, it was only $10. Yet, I plan to donate again, maybe after some of the bills are paid for this coming month, and I hope to at least quintuple what I just donated the next time. As time goes on, up until the election, I will donate as much as I think I can spare, and I then I will donate more. I am hopeful I can donate at least a few hundred dollars, maybe even $500 or more. That would be the largest donation to a single political candidate in one election that I have ever made as far as I can remember. Giving someone else that much money will not be easy. We live pretty much on a paycheck to paycheck basis. We are not poor, far from it, but that means we have bills and I like to pay them promptly on time. Lately we have been hit with a number of unexpected house repair/maintenance type expenses. It has gotten difficult to make ends meet, and we have had to hit up our meager savings account to pay the bills. We reduced the saving account drastically at that. So as I said, it will not be easy to dole out that much money for John McCain.

You may be wondering then why I would still want to contribute as much as I am planning to give to John McCain in his run for the oval office. The reasoning is straight forward and simple. I cannot stand the prospect of winding up with Barack Hussein Obama as our next president. My opinion of Obama is that he is little more than a scalawag, poor liar, scoundrel, and charlatan at best. My guess would be that is Obama is elected to the presidency our country will fall into the dregs, lower than it has ever fallen before. Any hope of a better America will have been lost.

Imagining McCain as president, I see things in a better light. I see America left with some integrity. I see a man who has been and will continue to be a leader bringing us into a new era of strength on the international scene. I see someone who will not simply act as president, but who will lead us as our president under our Constitution instead of one as Obama whom I believe would lead us to communism and socialism. With John, I see a chance, at least a chance of our economy becoming stronger within his first 4 years term. I do not fool myself into thinking it will be easy with McCain in office, since he has been too ready to concede things to the left; but surely McCain has integrity above and beyond anything seen in Obama. McCain also believes in many of the core values upon which this country was founded, while all Obama can call for is change - yet he cannot even tell you what the changes will be.

So while I cannot campaign for McCain, while I cannot urge you to vote for him without, as a federal LEO, violating the Hatch Act - I can tell you my opinion of the candidates, I can contribute to a candidate, and I can tell you to whom I have contributed and why. I am contributing to John McCain, and I will vote for John McCain, because right now he is the only possible hope to defeat what seemingly amount to communism and socialism on the part of Obama, and John is therefore the only hope we have of remaining We The People of the United States of America; and he is the only hope we have of keeping our rights as we have known them.

All the best,
Glenn B


Jungle Mom said...

I know you are not religious...but... AMAN ! BROTHER!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, Glenn, a few years ago I would have made the same voting decision, since the Second Amendment was my litmus-test topic. I wasn't quite a single-issue voter, but close.

At this point, I won't vote for McCain. This is due to his long-term support for illegal immigration and amnesty for people who have violated our nation's immigration laws. Like many voters, I had to make a decision about whether I was going to continue voting for Republicans who flout our immigration laws, or simply tell them to forget it. I finally got to the point where my first and second voting priorities traded places. My message to McCain: Forget it.

I've heard that politics is about coalitions. It would have been good if the people who support our 2A rights and the ones who support enforcing our immigration laws had formed a coalition. After all, there are a lot of people strongly support both. And for a while, it looked like the Republican party would be the home for that coalition. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

For any 2A supporters who find my choice outrageous, I'll ask: what have you done to build the coalition I'm talking about?

... New Independent

Glenn Bartley said...

I'll tell you what I have done, because I am not a single issue voter. I have repeatedly used my blog to oppose amnesty for illegal aliens, and to support stricter legal immigration laws. I have written to my representative in Congress, and to my senators, and to the vice president, and to the president of the United States repeatedly to inform them of my dissatisfaction over their plans for amnesty for illegals. I have urged firearms enthusiasts, and my other readers to do likewise. I supported the campaign of Tom Tancredo financially while he was in the running. I have joined and supported immigration reform groups, those who want stricter immigration laws enforced, illegal aliens removed, and who want a secure border.

Now that I have spelled out some of the things I have done on the issue of Immigration, allow me to say I have done similar things regarding the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. I have not stopped there though, I have also done similar things with regard to other issues. I am not a one issue voter, not by a long shot. Another issue was the deal with Dubai to give them control of our ports; I did similar there. Another such issue I have addressed is oil exploration in light of the current oil prices.

I note though you are not going to vote for McCain over a single issue - that of immigration. So I believe your vote now is wasted in not voting, or goes for Obama which I consider a shame and a waste, or goes for another candidate which is the same as voting for Obama in my estimation. Your choice is not outrageous, but I do think it quite foolish when faced with the prospect of having Obama voted into office as compared to McCain; but that is just my opinion and of course you are entitled to think otherwise and I cannot try to sway you because I am not allowed by law to campaign for a candidate although I can state my opinion.

One other thing I must note, must firearms enthusiasts I know, those who avidly support the Second Amendment, are also avid supporters of immigration reform along the lines of illegals out, strong border security, and tougher legal immigration laws. I think you are missing the fact that the coalition already exists. You seem to be shutting yourself off from that fact. I wonder, what have you done to strengthen the coalition between RKBA supporters and immigration reform supporters to create that coalition?
By the way, just so you know, John McCain is no staunch supporter of firearms rights although he does better there than with immigration from my viewpoint. To that, now that we are faced with the possibility of Obama for president, I say so what. Enough rattling of our sabers and he will come around on immigration, I am sure, if only because he truly believes himself a servant of the people and not a new age Napoleon as I think President Bush sometimes sees himself.

I do ask you to rethink your position along the lines of what I have just said. Maybe you will see another answer, maybe not.

All the best,
Glenn B

Jungle Mom said...

Immigration is important but, with Obama we will be INVADED! And they wont be Mexicans...