Friday, June 27, 2008

Allow Me To Gloat...

...and to say (and pardon me if you are sensitive):

Hey Bloomberg, hey Lautenberg, hey Schumer, hey Daley, hey Brady, hey McCarthy, hey Obama, hey all you other anti-Constitutional, anti-Gun Rights nut jobs - we won - you lost; our right to keep and bear arms was affirmed. Now do the right thing and live by the law, or get your asses out of government.

With Pride In America,
Glenn B


Anonymous said...

... it's a win, but I can't help wondering what shape the 'counterattack' is going to take...


Glenn Bartley said...

There is no true counter attack to a Supreme Court Ruling except for another ruling that overturns the one in question. Of course, there will be stiff regulations, and they have said as much in DC, but they will get slammed on them too is my bet. We need to hope that the justices stay alive, in good health, and on the bench for a long time, at least until a conservative is in the presidency again.

Here in NYS and in NYC they are saying things have not changed and that the laws are reasonable. Bloomberg is spouting off how NYC gun control laws are REASONABLE - imagine that whacko saying something is reasonable. What he fails to see is the MUST ISSUE clause of the decision. It will be indeed important in that NYC will now HAVE TO ISSUE permits to those who are not otherwise barred by law from keeping and bearing firearms. Note that the court pointed out convicted felons, and loonies, but was careful not to mention those convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. That is an important hint I think that someone should sue over Lautenberg.

Happy and safe shooting,