Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Out Of Touch With The Voters... how I see the candidates on the Democrat side, and I am just talking about them being out of touch with the voters in their own party. I heard this morning, on Fox News, and I believe again on CNN, that no matter how the Democrat primary elections pan out from here until they end, the fact is that Hillary Rodham-Clinton will trail Barack Hussein Obama by more than 150 delegates. If that is correct, then there is no possible way that Clinton can win the primaries. In fact, it means she has already lost and that Obama is the choice of those who have voted in the primaries. Yes I know all about Florida, and was it Michigan, the states in which Clinton apparently broke her pledge of record. They should not, and do not, as far as I am aware, count in this primary. At least they should not count unless done over, and a do over in either state seems unlikely. Even if Florida counted, Clinton would trail. So it appears that when things were run fairly and evenly, the Democrats who voted picked Obama.

Yet the race is not over. Clinton, who has always been on her high horse and out of touch with the people, has decided to stay the course (hmm - where have I heard that before). She decided on that despite her staying the course being in opposition to the will of the people (boy that really rings some bells of familiarity). She apparently is going to go to the Democrat convention and hope that the SUPER delegates give her the nod and select her as the candidate of the Democrat party over Obama! Can you imagine that - SUPER delegates - like what - supermen? Like people who are better than the rest of the Democrats who voted, like delegates who know better than the rest of the Democrats who voted, like some sort of bygone elite class of wundermen (boy that sure sounds familiar too, in a really scary sort of a way)! If they actually bully the whole Democrat party, and disregard the decision of the voters to give Clinton the nod, and she becomes the candidate, well all I can say is it will be time to stock up on guns and ammo. No, not so much because of the pending bans that will come if she is elected, but rather because the USA will have started to look all to much like a Western European nation in the early to mid 1930s (lest you chide me, remember they started out by looking like a rather benign, even whimsically foolish political party and probably less foolish than do these super delegates look today). I for one intend to protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies - foreign and domestic; though I must admit - I hope it never comes to that - and I hope this will all blow over and the will of the people - even if Democrats - be honored at least in regard to their own political primaries. You know I want to see the Dems resoundingly defeated in November; but I sure do not want to see an appointed class of self righteous supermen trying to wrest power from whence it truly comes, and that is from We The People whether we are Democrat, Republican, Independent or yet of another political party!

All the best,
Glenn B

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