Friday, May 9, 2008

Shark Surfing

There go I but for the grace of God having allowed me to stand in line when they handed out the brains. If this is for real, and who knows it could be, I think the name of the website from whence came this video says it all: The only thing I cannot figure is how he threw the pole off of the pier then retrieved it. To the best of my knowledge fishing poles with reels attached do not float - but who knows. As for the shark in close to the pier like that - I remember my visits to Pacific Beach in San Diego when I lived in CA while in the Border Patrol. There were always surfers, and always guys fishing for sharks from the pier. In fact I saw quite a few sharks swimming by under the pier, and a few caught by the fishermen. Never saw a surfer do something like this though.

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Glenn B


Anonymous said...

There were floats attached to the rod. I think this was a prank for a number of reasons. You never see the sharks tail, there's a huge swell behind the fin, lots of camera angles and editing, his distance behind the fin is much closer later in the video, and the other surfers don't look the least bit alarmed. Pretty sure it's a fin towed behind a jetski, but, I could be wrong.

MightyMom said...

God sure loves the stupid (fake or not) as He made so many of them!

MightyMom said...


Here's a question for the Apple Pie Purist

Glenn Bartley said...

I really figure its faked too, thought maybe a guy underwater with one of those propelled diver's things; but that does not negate stupid. Someone will almost definitely try it for real now - a stoner - air head - or just stupid idiot.

As for the shark's tail, I've seen quite a few dorsal fins without the tail, though not that big. With the pole, I saw the floats later when I put on my stronger glasses and watched again, but even then almost missed it so good observation on your part. Another thing that made it look phony was that the shark towed him to the beach so he could surf the waves - although I cannot say a shark would not enter shallower water it seems unlikely if it was hooked.

As for the other surfers not being afraid, good point, but then again I have seen surfers in the water with sharks and they were not all that alarmed, but they would have to be out of their minds not to be alarmed about a real shark with a dorsal fin like that.

All the best,