Saturday, May 10, 2008

37 to 12

That is the number of blogs - 37, to which I link over on the right side of my blog that do not provide a reciprocal link to my blog as compared to the ones - 12, that do provide a reciprocal link back to my blog. Actually that number was a bit higher on the nonreciprocating side, but I moved one of those blogs to the News Section (Michael Savage - because his is not really a blog per se), and I totally removed one or two other blogs because after long consideration I figured I could not stand them (just my personal opinion - so why keep link to them since my opinion of them has changed). Then I moved around the blogs into two categories - those who provide me the courtesy of a reciprocal link, and those who have blogs wherein I could not find that courtesy (hopefully I did not screw up). Of course if the courtesy comes my way, I'll have more rearranging to do. Note while I do not agree with everything written by all the bloggers to whom I link, I find a lot of their stuff interesting enough to link to them, or agree with them often enough to think they merit a link, and think you will find it likewise. Some of them are outright fascinating.

Allow me to say thank you to those of you who showed me that little courtesy.

All the best,
Glenn B


BadIdeaGuy said...

I check periodically on mine too. Sometimes people just forget, so it doesn't hurt sometimes to mention it to other bloggers in an email.

Though I have noticed that at first I was really excited to add more and more to my blogroll, but after a year or so I got lackadaisical about blogrolling.

MightyMom said...

"Grumps Geeks Gun guys and Geniuses"

Well, I"m not a grump....nor a geek...not a guy (therefore not a gun guy)

I guess that means you think I'm a genius!! I KNEW there was a reason I came by here....!


Glenn Bartley said...


The reason I don't ask others via email to throw me a reciprocal link is because I consider a link like that to be a courtesy. I ask for favors, not for courtesies. I truly believe a courtesy is something that is given without being asked for it.

All the best,
Glenn B