Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trigger Happy versus Barack Obama

Thanks to Snowflakes In Hell at, I was able to read a truly informative and amusing piece about gun owners; one that highlights Barack Obama's ignorance about the people whom he would have vote for him.

Be quick, click here, read the Wall Street Journal article: 'Trigger Happy', by Arthur C. Brooks (a professor no less) before it vanishes into the 'Land of Lost Links'! This article is of the same stuff of which great rebuttals are made. In essence the article gives polled evidence that gun owners are in fact educated on the same level, happier, better off financially, and more charitable than the non-owning gun public! It also in essence shows that once again Barack Obama does not know diddly-squat about which he speaks, and certainly does not understand the average American Citizen - especially they who own guns.

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