Friday, March 28, 2008

A Paucity Of Blogs Referencing FITNA...

...has led me to believe that many of the so called right wingers, many of the so called brave arms bearing Americans among us, many of the self proclaimed anti-Islamo-Fascists, are truly little more than virtual windbags. Is it that I am jumping the gun, and there has not been enough time for people to realize that this film is out there to be viewed on the Internet. Maybe, but I think not because if it had been a decision in Heller that appeared yesterday, well you can bet they would be pounding their drums in victory, or wailing at their loss within an hour of said decision coming down. On the other hand, this fim was released yesterday and I could find only one blog among those to which I link that had the film imbedded in is pages, and that was Michelle Malkin's site. That lady has got Chutzpah. Today there were a few with it linked to their site, and a couple more with it imbedded in their blogs, but that is a poor showing indeed. If we are going to unite against a common enemy, then we had all best identify that enemy, and we had best make it plain to other Americans just who is the enemy that we are facing. This film does that job pretty well in my opinion.

All the best,
Glenn B


Subvet said...

All of your sentiments are true but most of us operate in echo chambers. While I'm sure Michelle Malkin gets a fair number of hits from those not sharing her views I know my own site has nothing like that. Circulating the same sentiments even when accompanied by new material such as this doesn't win converts, it just solidifies the sentiments of those already converted.

Any suggestions on how to break out of the same old circle of bloggers with similar sentiments and reach the vast number of the uninformed? An "in your face approach" would only piss people off.

I'll seriously consider any suggestions you might have, I keep coming up with zip.

Jungle Mom said...

I have been ill and not had a chance to view it all myself. I hear it is pretty graphic. Certainly something that needs to be shared with the 'masses'.

MightyMom said...

Hey Glenn,

Thanks for going over to Kelli's and putting in your 2cents worth about the snake. I had the same thought but wondered if I was "just being a girl"......

Makes sense, if you don't let your kid pet a dog you don't know then why would you let them pick up a snake you can't identify?

Anyway, thanks so much for your input!


Glenn Bartley said...


One way to get your blog known is to link back to others with well known blogs and hope to catch some of their traffic. I also visit gun forums like The High Road, and I noticed that participating there frequently has helped my blog for traffic because I have my blog url in my forum signature. Does not have to be a gun forum, could be any interest. Other than that, I guess having your own web site, with your own .com address helps because I think you get more recognition in search engines. Oh yeah, adding key words (labels) at the end of the blog helps you to be found in search engines.

As for this post of mine, I probably came off too strong because I was pissed at not the film, and not the lack of bloggers displaying it, but at the reason there was a film in the first place. We need to defeat this enemy resoundingly.

All the best,
PS: Rita - feel better