Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Is It Possible We Can Finally Get Rid Of One Of Them Today?

Yeah you guessed it, I mean either Hillary Rodham-Clinton, or Barack Hussein Obama in the Democratic Primaries. It would be wonderful to finally be rid of at least the incessant ultra liberal blabbering, the face raking remarks, and the back stabbing innuendo that goes on between the two of them. I for one am sick of it, and I would be willing to bet that even a lot of those who might actually vote for one of these possible candidates is probably as sick of them as am I.

Hopefully one of them will deal a slashing death blow to the other today - politically of course not literally - and come away the winner with the other's head in his or her hands.

Then all we have to listen too is McCain debate the winner (yeah maybe a little more of Huckabee but no one is really giving him any air time and he is nowhere nearly as annoying as the two dems.) Of course I am no big fan of McCain, but if it comes down to just him and the one pick of the dems, we will at least get to hear something a bit on the conservative and sensible side.

All the best,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

If only we could be so fortunate!

Subvet said...

My guess is that the two of them will continue on till the Dem convention. At that time a deal will be struck and it'll be an Obama/Clinton ticket. Two nightmares for the price of one.

Jungle Mom said...

I guess in Novemeber we cote GAINST the dem , more than FOR McCain.

Jungle Mom said...

hmmm. sorry about that...must have been typing half asleep!