Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yeee Haa A New Gear Purchase...

...was made by me today. Just a day or two ago, I said I wanted one of these but just could not afford one. I gave my reasons like being low on cash, needing to find a few grand to pay to the tax man, just having paid for some expensive electrical work on the house, just having bought a bed for my son, just having put a new floor in my son's room, needing about two grand to have an oak tree cut down in my backyard. Yes the outlook for me buying the H&K p2000 SK was gloomy, and as a matter of fact it still is just as dismal. I don't think I will be getting one of them in the near future. But I did pick up a new piece of gear today despite my scant cash situation.

Last summer I fell down while on a fishing trip, and my big blubbering self landed on top of one of my fishing reels. I snapped the handle off. Since then I have tried to buy a replacement handle for it with absolutely no luck. The reel would probably last another 10 years (I have probably had it that long, maybe longer), but I just cannot find a handle for it. I was not figuring on getting a new one, but a few days ago I received a $10 coupon (good as cash) in the mail from Dick's Sporting Goods because of prior purchases I had made. I started thinking of what I could use that $10 on, anything from a brick of .22LR ammo, to a folding knife, to a box of trap/skeet shot, to a new reel. I figured I would save it until I went shopping at Dicks which I did not think would be for a month or more. Otherwise Brendan could have used it. Then yesterday I found an old Dick's gift card. I checked it and found it had a whopping $5.20 left on it, a small but nice surprise. I stuck the gift card and the coupon in my wallet.
Today I took a trip to my sister's house to visit her family and my mom who lives with them. The trip actually started out with me going to a few other places that took me somewhat east of where I live, and thereby closer to them. One thing led to another and I decided to visit them since I was getting closer and closer anyway. On my way to their place I passed a Dick's Sporting Goods and made a stop. While in there, I spied a fishing reel I liked, a spinning reel. Then I remembered the stash in my wallet. I took the reel to the counter and asked how much (in fact I took two of them, each basically the same model in different sizes). I liked the bigger one, but if it cost too much I would take the little one that was marked $24.99. When the cashier told me the bigger one was only $19.99, I took out the coupon, the gift card, and a total of $5.65 in cash and paid for it. No its not a fancy reel, not one of very high quality either, but a decent brand - Quantum (same brand as the other one that I had broken) and cost about the same as the other one did about 10 years ago. I am pretty sure it will hold up as good as the old one, and give me many seasons of good fishing (at least of good casting, I don't know if I'll catch anything).

This particular reel is a Quantum OP40F. I figure it to be a medium freshwater reel. Line capacity is 230 yards of 10 pound test; and I usually use 6 or 8 pound test, so it will hold plenty more of either of them. If I decide to use 10 or 12 pound for larger fish, it will hold more than enough of each. It has 4 stainless steel ball bearings, an aluminum spool, an extra graphite spool, and a front drag. Not quite the piece of hardware I blogged about a couple of days ago, but something I will put to very good use nonetheless.

If nothing else, my having this new reel will assure two things: Spring Fever will grab hold of me harder and earlier than usual; and if I don't get to use it, well then that will be because Brendan swiped it to use for himself. So right about now, just after I finish this rant, I am going to find a nice hiding place for it; somewhere in which I'll remember where to find it, but that he will be unlikely to look. Now where around the house do I need a job to get done?
Not a bad purchase for $5.65 cash, a gift card with a small remaining balance that I found by chance in my junk pile, and a $10 coupon I got in the mail. Sought of made my day, and while I am not often easy to please, I sure was today.

All the best,
Glenn B


Jungle Mom said...

You certainly deserve it! I know you will enjoy it, not sure why, exactly, as I detest fishing. Something to do with being dragged around as a child to every fishing hole my dad knew of. but then, my brother loves it... maybe it's genetic?

Anonymous said...

Your life sounds pretty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

whoops hit submit to quickly I meant to say pathetically cool! I'm a sarcastic individual. I'm into fishing and guns myself...and in the process of creating a blog. Seems like we have a lot of common interests.

MightyMom said...

Well, if you can't go on a cruise, buy a gun...if you can't buy a gun, buy a fishing reel.

makes sense to me!

(gotta take that lovely lady on her cruise sometime soon though!! I mean she lets you keep SNAKES in the house!)