Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh Angela baby - do I make you randy?

I suppose that Angela is just some hacker's program that places silly comments into the comments areas on peoples' blogs. Here is what I got from her, posted to my rant on Global Warming, immediately proceeding this one:

"Anonymous said...

I am Angela. A mature and beautiful 40+ woman, I want to explore new relationship by Internet. So I have uploaded many hot and sexy photos on under the name HotbAudrey. You maybe want to check out my photos firstly!

27 February, 2008 02:59"

Funny how Angela has a site called hotbAudrey - I suppose she may have an identity crisis on her hands.

This was my reply, and is my response to try to avoid such in the future:

"With my luck Angela is a chick with a -ick. Sorry, I just could not resist. I have enabled word verification to try to avoid comments like this in the future; if that does not work, I will put comment moderation into effect."

While we all can use a good laugh, I prefer to have my comments sections reserved for comments about my blog, and not act as a advertisement for folks the likes of Angela. Sadly though, forever from tonight, I'll wonder if she was real and if I made her randy - oh baby!

Now truly, I hope no one is silly enough to visit that website.

All the best,
Glenn B


Glenn Bartley said...


Glenn Bartley said...

So I guess word verification is not working, is it?

Glenn Bartley said...


Glenn Bartley said...

still not turned on...

Glenn Bartley said...

Someone else give it a try, see if you have to go through word verification please.

jennifer said...


You still have it!*!*!*!lolChick with and ick, never heard that but am rolling...

Oh by the way the verification won't be for you. So log out and you will see it!

Oh and I loved the Aardvark comment...still makes me chuckle!