Saturday, February 16, 2008

Herps To The Rescue

The plan is that tomorrow when I go to the Long Island Herpeto- logical Society's monthly meeting, I'll bring along three Spotted Pythons, and five Bearded Dragons, all of which will be for sale. I can only hope the Spotted Pythons are more cooperative when I am showing them for sale than this one was when I tried to get all of the one pictured here into the photo. The Spotted Pythons were meant to be a breeding project. I had four, but one met an early demise due to an accident. The other three, I think 2 females and a male would have probably produced some future income for me in the form of baby snakes (yes we herpers breed em, sell em or trade em, and others buy em). As it is I am strapped for cash and need it now just the commercial says, so I guess these snakes will be for sale tomorrow. They will not put as much in to my pocket as they would have had they produced babies, but at $125 a pop for these 2 year old pythons, if I sell them, I'll be happy.

I also have 5 young Bearded Dragons, they will have an asking price of from $50 to $75 each. So if I sell everything I have up for sale tomorrow (which is highly unlikely) I'll have at least $575, maybe more. The truth be told, I'll be lucky to sell even one of them at this time of the year (unless of course someone at the meeting tomorrow will have gotten back a nice tax refund). I have not sold anything in a very long time, gave up selling them a while back, but I need the cash or the tax man will be miffed. The saddest thing of all is if I do sell them, the tax man gets it all, and he still won't be happy.

All the best,
Glenn B


MightyMom said...

well, good luck selling, too bad your taxes were so out of whack. gotta watch all those points and clicks...can get you in real trouble there buddy!

Anonymous said...

.... good luck with the sell, Glenn..... taxes do suck.....


Glenn Bartley said...

Well I sold no snakes, no lizards, and 11 Hamsters at a grand total of $10.00! I guess every little bit helps, at least that $10 helps to ofeset about $10 - $15 in expenses to breed and raise the hamsters! So it helps make my hobby less expensive. Of course, if I had sold them at what they go for in pet shops, I would have had anywhere from $66 to $154 in my pocket after the sale. Funny how a pet shop I went to to try to sell them wanted $13.95 plus sales tax for the ones they were selling, but would not buy any from me at $2.00, or even $1.00, each saying that was too expensive! Unbelieveable, and I know they usually pay more than that for them. Oh well, $10 is $10; and I did generate some interest in the pythons, someone took my number and may yet buy them.

All the best,