Friday, November 2, 2007

On Duane Dog Chapman and Musings on Language...

...and the freedom and liberty to use it, and the freedom and liberty to make a stupid, outlandish, or emotional statement now and again without anyone crucifying, classifying, or categorizing you as a racist or other type of bigot:

Kraut, dego, bitch, goat-roper, slut, porker, lib-tard, pig, asshole, chink, Mrs., freak, midget, string bean, beaner, gorilla, jerk, bimbo, gigolo, tard, looney, racist, wuss, nerd, ho, scrooge, rocket scientist, kike, RINO, ass kisser, hunk, tart, donkey, tonk, fuck, jerk-off, cunt, spic, frog, cowboy, honky, pimp, howlie, whitey, hamster, fag, carpet muncher, boy, masser, bastard, chrome dome, fatso, rag-head, gimp, dummy, choir-boy, pecker-wood, animal, wet-back, wop, nazi, polock, slope-head, cracker, fuck-off, dick-head, crazy, cheapo, jap, wasp, coon, queer, lush, alky, doper, scrote, sleaze, Nancy-boy, whore, whoremaster, cannuck, po-po, prick, neo-con, camel-jockey, demoncrat, blimp, are all words that can be used to degrade others. In fact they are all words often used to degrade certain kinds, or groups, of people. Yet when we say them, if we do, we do not always mean them to be derisive of a group, nor do we mean them as anything other than an outlet for anger. The same goes for the word nigger. Yet, I usually do not see a national, even international, furor whenever someone utters any of those other words. So why don't we all grow up, and the next time we hear someone say nigger (no you will not hear me call it the N-word here in this rant) why not just ignore the asshole who said it and get on with our lives. It is not the end of the world to speak it, to write it, to see it, to hear it; and it is ridiculous when some one's use of it in a personal conversation, causes an uproar if that person was out of character when he said it, or if that person's intent through use of the word was misconstrued by the mind police among us, or if that person was just an out and out lout (I mean what would you expect of him, so why get all riled up over the spewing forth of a lout).

Sure if using such a word defines a person's outlook about a group, such as the word nigger could show us a person's perception of a certain race, and that person is in a position of trust, or leadership, or something like celebrity, or even just your neighbor, then slam the person if you must. Remember though, just because someone says an insulting word, such use of a word was not necessarily definitive of what the person believes or practices on a regular basis. Saying a word like that is not necessarily a secret look into their soul, in fact it usually is not even a peek at what they truly believe but is often just an outburst of anger in which they are lashing out and trying to hurt someone whom they believe is trying to hurt them. Unless the person is a friggin saint they may never say something like one of those foul words or phrases, but bear in mind even some saints had their faults. So when a less than complimentary word is barfed out in a fit of anger, or if it comes out in some other way where it is just a momentary emotional thing like blowing off steam or frustration - why not let it ride - and judge the person who said it not just on his having said an offensive word on rare occasion, but rather on his actions and words over the long term. If you cannot respect a person for what he truly is, then how can you expect respect from him in return.

Duane Dog Chapman is a rough guy, yet he can be quite compassionate from what I have heard. So he said a nasty word, boo-hoo. He was not doing it to insult a whole race, he did it in a fit of anger while arguing with his son who then seemingly betrayed him (just pointing that out to show you how nasty a spat it must have been). So stop with all the BS already, and live your lives as you were before you heard about it. As for A&E - the honchos at A&E need to get a life, get real, and put him back on the air instead of suspending his show because of a personal argument he had with his son in which he used bad language. My heavens, what in Hades did you folks at A&E expect this guy to be - a friggin saint? Well it just ain't his way, and you knew that when you hired him on. You took on his show for ratings because he was a bad assed dude, now you want to drop him for the same reasons. In my opinion you are all just a bunch of snivelling, money grubbing hypocrites. As for Reverend Al, and Jesse J., please shut up before you even start on this one. Thanks, and Amen.

All the best,
Glenn B


Subvet said...

I've believed Chapman is an idiot just on general principle. He's a hot dog who fancies himself a "Rambo" type, the self-styled lone wolf operating on the edge of the law. Shooting his mouth off and inadvertently shooting himself in the foot was inevitable.

However if it had been a black man bad mouthing the white girl his son was dating you'd have never heard a peep out of anyone about it. The double standard used in race relations today would have automatically kicked in and that would have been the end of it.

So Chapman deserves support, if for no other reason than to highlight the hypocrisy that characterizes our present culture in this area. Unfortunately that support won't be forthcoming.

Glenn Bartley said...

I don't care all that much if people support him or not, he is not necessarily my idea of poster boy for this issue, yet his situation may be the perfect example of how the race baiters, the media, and many people in general are just out and out hypocrites. His show being pulled is the penultimate example of an over reaction, by a bunch of raving lunatics and whimpering fools, and good weather friendly hypocrites, to his having said a word that people find offensive, and during a private heated matter at that. If A&E was going to take a stand on such an issue with him, then A&E should have shown better moral fiber whe they debated hiring a guy like him by not hiring him.

I fully agree had it been a black man who called a white girl a bitch, a ho, or a cracker, little to nothing would have been made of it. I don't think that means Chapman deserves support as much as it means that double standards need to ne knocked down, people need to be less sensitive about such crap, and things should be taken for what they truly are instead of being sensationalized from a mole hill into a mountain. If Chapman winds up getting support because of how I feel about the issue so be it, I don't have a problem with it - he was being himself in a fit of anger - nothing mnore or less, and I think it ridiculous that anyone be crucified for that.

All the best,
Glenn B

jennifer said...

Glenn I just read this and then read it to Bill! This is right on. The post is exactly what needs to cross the nation, and thank you.

Yes, you are crass, crude and foul, but you are saying exactly what has been on my thoughts for awhile. I have heard lots of words used to sort people, and many just as crude, but only the one against blacks is "horrific"???

I am sick of this crap and I am glad that Imus is back. Nope I didn't listen to him, but darnit he was not racist. And the college basketball team that was paraded before him so he could apologize...even more sick. It is apparent that those women are not learning from their college education. All they are 'getting' from education is that if someone offends you cry and pout and say it ruined your career...boohoo.

As to Dawg, I bet he will not say too much, because he loves his son irregardless of what his son did.

Greybeard said...

You forgot, Dumocrat, and likely a bunch of other "descriptive" terms. :-)