Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Socialized Medicine For All...

...can be expected to come up with results like this one: Infected Foot Blister Kills British Man that I just read about at Remember that England has socialized medicine, the same typ of health care that the deomcrat candidates want to push onto all of us here in the USA. Sure this type of negligence could happen abnywhere, and happen under our current system of health care too; but one thing you won't see with our health care system is the fatal finality of the words spoken by the fater to his daughter when she told him he needed to see a doctor about his condition:

" "There was a hole in his foot. I told him he had to go to the doctor but he said: 'They have discharged me." "

Do you get the picture, they discharged him, so there was no going back! His words certainly rang of fatal finality.

No thanks Hillary, not thanks Obama, no thanks $400 hairdo boy, no thanks to all of you liberals who want the same system here; I would rather work my butt off to pay for my own health insurance than to have you tax me into the poorhouse and then allow doctors to treat me like dirt.

All the best,
Glenn B