Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Projects - what to do?

Well, I got some weeding done in the garden today, a lot of weeding considering I have not pulled weeds for about 5 weeks now because I had been sick. I swept up outside a little, just what little the wife wanted done, and I do mean only a little. I hung a wall clock, and moved a picture. I guess that was it, pretty lazy but that is me at most times.

Last night I had called my sister and left a message saying I might come to visit. So, I also spent much of the morning getting ready to go to visit my mom, who lives with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. Then I checked my voice mails today, and my sister had left a message to say she was sick, so it was great I was coming because I could take my mom out for dinner, while my sister got ready for a sleep-over party! It appears as if my nephew is going to have a few friends over for the night. So I called my sis again today, this time actually speaking to her, and she told me not only does she have pink eye from her cats, but her cats are sick too. I don't need anything of anything to do with illness again, I am still not completely over my marathon runs of last weekend! Yes they have stayed with me for over a week now, but I am slowly getting better. It all boiled down to me deciding to stay closer to home, and wait until either tomorrow or next weekend for me to see them all.

Now I need to figure how to spend the rest of the afternoon without spending it all online. My wife just ordered some Greek food for delivery, so I guess dinner is up soon. Then I think I'll have to stop at the pharmacy and pick up the latest wonder drug prescribed to me by my doctor to stop the marathons runs that were caused by the last wonder drug a doctor prescribed for me to cure my bronchitis. Jeesh!

Of course I may decide to have some fun too; and I may just take a drive to the pet shop to pick up some crickets for the bearded dragons; and after that on the way home I may stop at a local tidal creek and try to catch some minnows or killie fish for my turtle. Now that may mean I'll have to wet a line too, and see if I can catch anything bigger using one of those killies or minnows, but only if I feel up to it after dinner. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

If I don't make it out of the house, I guess that means cleaning up the basement, and maybe putting another coat of boiled linseed oil on my Mosin-Nagant stock. Not bad if I have to stay home, but not as much fun as fishing.

All the best,
Glenn B


Jungle Mom said...

So, what did you do?

Glenn Bartley said...

I went to the pet shop, then went to a tidal creek and caught some minnows while enjoying what of nature was around me.

Webutante said...

Now that's a choice I can identify the basement when it's snowing and you can't get to the car to go fishing!