Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some Good News... least for me; my tumor was not cancerous. Actually it was a lump of dead fat, probably from some sort of trauma, but heck I cannot remember anything that whacked me in that spot. Oh well; I live on, but just a bit miserably right now. I have to get a chest x-ray today because my MD now believes I may have pneumonia instead of bronchitis. Oh joy.

The first and the last time I had pneumonia was in the 1980s, and after I recovered I was told what a miracle it was that I had survived because the docs had basically given me up for dead. I guess about 3 days of 103 to 104 temps, followed by about 2 days of 105 - 106 plus temps while at home, then by 3 more similar days of super high temps in the hospital, had them figure I was fried for good. I don't give up that easy though. As is with this time, my initial diagnosis then was not pneumonia, they told me back then it was just a passing virus. Man were they wrong, it was some form of bacterial pneumonia. Hopefully it is not pneumonia now, I certainly don't want a repeat performance, except maybe with my regard to being a survivor. I am scheduled for x-rays later today.

So, sorry but no great deal of blogging coming from me probably at least for a few days.

All the best,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

Glenn I am happy about the tumor, but I am going to pray for your health. I pray all goes well, and you recover quickly.

I am still recovering from what I guess is the flu.. I am achy but finally able to focus.

Take Care,

Glenn Bartley said...

Thanks Jen. As it turned out no pneumonia, so my guess is one feisty set of germs causing my bronchitis.

Good to hear you are felling somewhat better. Hope you feel all better soon.

Alll the best,

Jungle Mom said...

So good to hear the autopsy is not necesary!

jennifer said...

Glenn a little off color *silly* post for you to read to lift up the health and have you crack a July 18th post(to much for me to write the title)
he has a very neat blog and is mightymom's hubby( I have seen her comments here before)

Glad to hear not pnenomnia (ok I have tried 3 times to spell the dang word...maybe the doctor can't spell it either and changed your diagnosis.. kidding)

Hope you get better soon

Chris Byrne said...

Thank god Glenn;you don't have cancer, everything else is secondary.