Saturday, July 14, 2007

Respect on the Internet... something that is sometimes easy to find, and easy to lose. I guess it is often easy to find if you find yourself in agreement with someone on a blog, or find they agree with your own blog. The sad thing seems to be that it is just as easily lost, often when one person finds himself in disagreement with another. This often causes one or the other of those involved, sometimes both, to lose respect for one another; and you know disagreements should not necessarily do that.

I usually write out my opinion in no uncertain terms. I do so with respect for the other person whom I am addressing or for the audience I am addressing. In the case of the Internet, that audience could be just about anyone. I expect the same back from my readers, or from other bloggers on whose sites I leave comments. I do not always get such. In fact sometimes you get little to no respect at all if you are not a supporter of whomever you are addressing, or of their blog and viewpoints. I find that makes for such a dull, and boring world , and that usually people who expect you to bow down to their opinions and theirs alone (or at least ones that support theirs) are dull and boring no matter how otherwise intelligent they may be. Differences of opinion make for great discussion and great writing, and being able to respect the opinions of others within reason, even when you may disagree with them, goes to show a great person.

When I comment on a post on another's blog, I truly appreciate it when that person allows me to continue to post even though we maybe strongly opposed to one another on some issues. What I do not appreciate is when that other person twists what I have said, or starts name calling or other childish BS, to make it appear as if I am some person not worthy of a readership, or not worthy to leave comments on their blog.

Along those lines, I can say that without a doubt, I do not read any one's blog with the intent of causing trouble by leaving opposing comments, opinions, viewpoints, and ideas; but nor do I go to any one's web site or blog with the intent of getting down on my knees to bow to them as some sort of guru who is the know all be all of whichever subject is at hand. It would be pointless to do either as far as I am concerned, and all it would amount to is animosity or arse kissing.

Of course, sometimes in the source of reading forums, blogs and such, I come across a site that is interesting, wherein the people are usually respectful, and wherein I can leave comments of my own opinion about the issues discussed without having to worry about offending anyone so long as I remain civil. It is often at these sites that I develop what amounts to an association with the person who runs the site, or with the blogger. Many of the blog sites to which I link over on the right are virtually inhabited by folks like that, and although I do not link only to ones like that, I try my best to link to sites wherein I think you will find a respectful attitude should you post a comment therein whether or not it agrees with the mindset of the blogger in question.

The best thing about trying to link to the sites of bloggers who are like that is that you often wind up making a virtual acquaintance that turns out to be surprisingly amicable; like having made a friend. I can say without a doubt that even though I have never personally met any of these bloggers in real life, a few of them seem like old friends already. That is a nice thing about the Internet blogs and forums, and I'll try to keep this blog respectful to the opinions of others even when we do not agree with one another; and I'll try to keep linked to the sites of other bloggers whom to me seem to do likewise.

In closing I'd like to say, thanks to those of you who are respectful commenters and bloggers. You make the Internet a better place, and I am happy to link to your sites here.

Before I close, allow me to say that this post has very little to do with any previous one, and this one is not directed at any particular person I mentioned in a previous post. This one is directed at you folks who make this blog a nicer place to visit, who have your own blog that is worth a visit, and who can share ideas, and voice differences of opinion, and still respect the opinions of others within reason. Thanks.

All the best,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

I just went through my posts for the last couple days. Usually I don't get to them often,and lately I have been off my game...(root canal not complete, now at second endodontist to fix problem)

I never expect an apology, I understand where you come from. I have read nearly all if not all of the post you have written in the past several months. I see where you are coming from and you me. If we all were the same life would be, well horrible. I actually posted a comment to you here about the trip you had that if you email me I think that it may be something that I think would be cool. And I do think that you deserve a larger reading audience. I see you similar to a sportscaster, but for this and that and anything weapons.

I am a fan of you from NM because of several reasons, one being the utmost respect for law enforcement. I have seen the lifestyle from the inside and although we are civilians, can never view it differently.I also like the moxey you have, in the pc world it is time to stop...and you are in the front of the pack.

I must say as a Christian I worry about those 'unsaved' but I promise you I am not going to behead you, or reduce you to a caste that you can never come out of. I do pray that all I know would at least ponder, and Glenn you have been respectful enough to continue reading my blog. So thank you.

I am sick to read that someone censored you, I have had a few trolls, but that was before I switched to the blog world, from a different space. I may require verification etc, but comments stay and then I can respond, to allow my readers to pick through the pieces and be clear to my blog's position.

I really am serious about the email, it will at least be something to think about.

Have a great Sunday.

Jungle Mom said...

I always enjoy your posts and comments and even where we disagree, I appreciate your respectful attitude. I try and present myself the same way. I hope I have not come across as an intolerant person. Being a Christian should make me MORE tolerant of others

I have been censored as well. LOL! They called me some really "bad" things and words I will not repeat and then told me I had attacked them personally.

Shallow people.
keep writing when you are feeling better and do let us know about the "autopsy" *wink, wink*