Monday, July 30, 2007

Maybe This Will Help The Real British To Wake Up...

...and realize that all of their white man's guilt for centuries of the British Empire having been a colonial power is not going to be assuaged by making others, who were once oppressed by the British, British citizens. No it is not surprising that 38% of south Asians who were polled said they do not feel like they are British - see:

So, many of those Pakistani Muslims are not going to melt in the pot, nor are many of the other folks from places like India, Hong Kong, or anywhere else. Just because you gave them British Citizenship does not mean that they will not seek to destroy your way of life, if by nothing else, then by not assimilating and spreading their own culture within your borders. In fact, as can be witnessed from what is going on across the pond, it seems as if many of those folks would rather destroy the British way of life and replace it with something a bit more fatalistic.

All the best,
Glenn B


MightyMom said...

What you've described is exactly what Subvet sees as our future if we don't pull our collective head out.

jennifer said...

I just read that in Britain they now are not going to refer to Muslims as Muslims, but as South Asians.(don't they realize that there are Muslims all over the world?)of course this political correct world.

We are a few years behind Europe on this appeasement, but are catching up quickly.Makes me very sad to see the way things are going.