Saturday, June 23, 2007

Visitor 5,000 - Thank You...

...and thanks to everyone else who has stopped by for a visit. I guess I don't get those mega individual page view hit numbers that other sites have, but I do seem to generate at least a little interest (it took almost a year to get this many page views, I think 10 months). Oh well, its fun, and if you read it, I'll keep writing more of it.

I had two other views of note lately: #4,080 was done by some at the NRA, and another recent view was from Toyota.

The info on number 5,000 is below, just in case it was you (whomever you maybe).

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Now if only I could figure out how to promote this blog well enough to get 50,000 individual page views in the next year.

All the best,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

Hip Hip Hooray!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!**!*!*

Ideas to generate interest? Make comments on blogs of like interest. You are a blog I follow because I absolutely am a die hard 'cops family'. Your blog is filled with all kinds of information that is important to all, but you need to continue in like arenas.

I may not have a ton of readers, so please do not think I am pretending to be a blog pro, but I found that the more I commented on like blogs, the more readers I have picked up.

I have been quoted by wizbang, Gateway pundit, and several smaller blogs of readership of 20,000 or less hits a day. They must have liked a comment, came over to my blog, then linked the current hit. I am constantly used by home schoolers blogs, conservative blogs and the such.

You are in the area of 9-11, and in law enforcement, huge huge areas we the American citizen are interested in...write what you experienced, what you know..That is why I come back. I love reading about the weapons etc, as it is impacting in my life, so is 9-11 to the entire nation.

I also read alot of German your wife and or family from Germany? Write about that too...

Your take as a law enforcement officer on situations is big, big big...think about the bank robbery last week where the cop was shot in his face...make articulate comments on Michele Malkin, she is on fox almost daily. If she constantly reads your take, you may become a person that she uses to reference.

I know that the bigger blogs, several of the commentors became regulars.

I believe that you are exactly what people are interested. Keep plugging away...Remember Rome was not built in a day!


Glenn Bartley said...

Thanks Jen.

Anonymous said...

... congrats!...