Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Washing Machine Blues

Spent all of this afternoon getting the basement ready to receive the new washing machine (the old one broke down), which is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I'll believe it when it is in place and running.

I have got to say it is amazing how much junk can wind up behind work benches and washing machines. The bench was next to the washer. And it is kind of scary as to all the different types of creepy crawlers that live under a washing machine. I am not positive, but I saw one spider that looked very much like a black widow; I know they are not native to this part of the country but then again neither were Lone Star ticks which now abound here.

Oh well, I got the back room of the basement cleaned out in the one corner where the washer will sit. I did not remove the old one from the basement, that is included in the service tomorrow, but I moved it to a place from where it will be easy for the delivery guys to get it without doing a lot of damage to anything. That also let me have time to do the cleaning job in that corner of the room. Once it is in place tomorrow, there will be lots more of cleanig up and rearranging to do in the basement. I thought it was a mess before but with a lot of stuff moved out of the way, with the work bench relocated to the other side of the room,, with a fish tank drained to accomodate moving it easily so I could moe oother things around, the place looks pretty shabby. Hopefully there will be enough time in the day after the delivery tomorrow to clean it all up and have it over with for now. I also hope the new one really is only 27" wide, otherwise it will be a no go. Even 1/4 of an inch more width will be too much, thanks to a pipe that runs near the floor to our boiler. The old one fit, so hopefully so too will the new one.

All the best,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

Sounds like lots of fun!
I must say that black widows are all over here and Bill cannot stand the very sight of them.

I really just jumped over to wish you a very Happy Father's Day, so take int the role that you have and have a fantastic day!

Jungle Mom said...

Sorry, but at least you got the basement clean!