Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Warning from A U.S. Citizen In Venezuela

The following quote comes from a Rita at The Jungle Hut. She is a Christian Missionary who has spent the last "20 years in Venezuela", and she just wrote a piece by that name. Here is a really important quote from that blog:

"I remember being told that Venezuela had the strongest democracy in South America! I hope people in the USA will realize how quickly a democracy can be lost." (emphasis added by me)

Read those words, and be forewarned, it could happen anywhere. Venezuela is about as far from a strong republic/democracy as any nation could be. It could happen here in the United States of America too, if we let the ultra leftists, I think of Danny Glover and others like him who support Chavez, have their way with how things work in the USA! People wonder why I believe so whole heartedly in the Right to Keep And Bear Arms. Well, prevention of such happening in this country is one of the main reasons; and I thank the Founding Fathers for having the foresight to realize that such a right shall not be infringed. No wonder the ultra leftists hate that right so much, it prevents them from usurping power and totally destroying our way of life.

All the best,
Glenn B


Jungle Mom said...

Just catching up here, No computer at the house. Thanks for posting this. it is easier lost than people imagine.

jennifer said...

This one is right on, I have been following Rita's blog and am amazed at how quick the tide has turned.

Anonymous said...
Ron Paul 2008!

Time to take back our country.