Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Deg Days of Summer... that was not a misspelling, we call them the degs. From your left to right they are Sprocket (our very old lady), Hexi (as can be seen needing a leash to stay in place otherwise she is off like the wind to the neighbor's yard), and Pepe (not named for anything Mexican despite being a Chihuahua, he was actually named after one of my wife's favorite cartoon characters - Pepe Le Peu).

I just took this picture out in the yard, when by some quirk of fate, I was able to get them all to sit relatively close to one another, and likewise get them to face the camera at the same time. Being that it is the first day of summer, I figured I would dedicate it to the degs, since summer is the time of those good old dog days. Hmm, wonder if the powers of the Summer Solstice had anything to do with getting them to sort of cooperate for this shot?

Whatever, I may just have to see if I can get them used to this sort of a thing, maybe I can get some rally nice pics of them together in the near future. my wife would love that, as she loves these 3 stooges quite dearly despite the fact that they cause as much trouble as the 3 stooges every now and then. Then again the whole family loves them, they are adorable as far as we are concerned.

All the best, and happy Midsummer,
Glenn B

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jennifer said...

Oh I missed the "degs" very cute!