Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Some Rest For The Weary...

...and for the somewhat dejected, is just what I think I need when it comes to blogging. While I enjoy blogging, I must admit it is a bit difficult to keep it up each and every day, or even for most of the days in a week. Just having the time to blog sometimes presents a problem. Then, when I do have the time, having the insight and energy to think up and research new interesting topics, let alone actually write them up, can be even more trying. This is especially true in light of the fact that I work full time, do some chores around my house, and care for my many critters. Add to this a bit of dejection about the fact that my blog is usually not read by more than two dozen people in a good day, and it makes it almost seem less than worthwhile an effort on which to spend so much time, thought and energy. Nomatter what I have done, I cannot seem to increase my daily readership. I guess I mean it appears to me that blogging is somewhat of a drain on me intellectually and physically, and besides that, it seems to be a flop.

So I think I will take a day or two off, maybe even a few, to try and think over whether or not I should continue sharing my thoughts with those of you who are graciously nice enough to read my rants. If I do choose to discontinue, it will not be because I think less of my readers, and will not be because I think your loyal readership is not worth it, but rather because I have come to an impasse with all of the combined facts that appear above.

All the best,
Glenn B


quidni said...

Take your time... :-)
And when you feel like blogging, blog for yourself first, and for any potential readership second.

I'm remembering the story of a circuit-riding tent evangelist, who died thinking he was a failure because he'd only ever had one person answer the invitation to become a Christian during all the years he preached.

That one person was Billy Sunday.

Enjoy your time off!

jennifer said...

Glenn, I understand how you feel, and appreciate your schedule. But if you choose to stop blogging you will be sadly missed.
You have a couple dozen or so people who do not work for/with you nor are related to you reading your thoughts and takes on life, the world and a variety of other things.
Your readership is impressive...remember that we choose to stop by...translation...your thoughts are important. They offer a viewpoint that causes(Me) to reflect and see things from another perspective.
Writing is a release, and is very therapeutic on our health. It allows us a forum to release emotions that may come out in other ways, if not used here.
Glenn you have so much to share, and this attitude that our country perpetuates about having large numbers to be successful makes me cringe. You are an interesting person who has a story to be told. Your experiences in the city are waiting to unravel...the somber period of 9-11 needs released, and the experiences of a law enforcement officer can change the attitude that the public has towards LE.
I now seem to be rambling, please forgive me...
You are very important and you have many important things that the world needs to hear. Regardless of what you decide remember this...
I am so very glad to have spent time at your blog and you have made a difference in my life.
So as you ponder your next steps remember this, you have people all over the world that you impacted, and so if you do stop blogging you have made a difference.
Thank you for everything you have done!
Your Blog Friend In New Mexico!

Jungle Mom said...

Please keep it up! No pressure though. Maybe cut back and blog once a week or so. I understand the time is hard to find. We all enjoy your thoughts. Even when I do not agree with you i appreciate what you have to say and how you say it.
I also think that our children and grand children will appreciate reading all this one day!

Glenn Bartley said...

Thank you, the three of you, those words were very nice, and quite an incentive to keep blogging.