Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blades nearby...

...are a comfort to me in my home. I decided to post a pic of some of the easily accesible blades that I have nearby my PC stations because of a meme that Rivrdog tagged onto gun bloggers and the like. Here is an example of those, not all of them mind you, within easy access to me when working on the PCs at home. These are used for various purposes, but mostly as tools; but some could easily be used as a self defense weapon too (just another sort of tool usuage).

The ones I just found within easy access of my PC stations were these in the pic. Top left is a Buck two bladed folder with NRA logo, then moving clockwise they go like this: Church key type can/bottle opener, Old Timer single locking blade, linoleum knife folder (took away from a drunk who wanted to use it on me), some no name folder with mostly serrated blade (issued at work after 9/11), a Gerber Gator (I think Gator is the name, also issued by work), a small Schrade Old Timer.

The Gerber, the no name folder at the bottom, the larger Schrade, the Buck two bladed folder are all in fairly good shape. Bear in mind though, they are not show off knives, they are knives I regularly use for various jobs and they all take a beating. That little Schrade with the almost black blade has probably seen the most work out of all of them, and though you may not think so, it is sharp indeed. As for the curved blade linoleum knife, well that is a trophy. I took it away from a drunk who some kids were trying to rob, or molest in some way, up in the Bronx, NY several years ago. After I rousted those thugs, the guy who they were about to thump, turns on me with this knife. I had half a mind to shoot him, but I just persuaded him to drop the knife; and he then departed the area. I took it for safekeeping, and it turned into a trophy of sorts. Despite its rusted blade, it is pretty sharp too. You can never have too many useful knives.

By the way, I found that blog at Rivrdog's thanks to The Anarchangel, click on the link to see his photos in reply to Rivrdog's meme.

All the best,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

My son Second would LOVE you! He is a weapon junkie, through the guided hand of my husband. But knives are his favorite. In scouts(Christian Contenders of the Faith) this was his favorite activity for a badge!
BTW, he is studying to become a Border Patrol Agent( still in high school-studying spanish and Federal laws)
Only one seems to love law enforcement, of the kids. But one is enough for my husband:)!

Jungle Mom said...

My husband has quite a blade collection as well. My son, who was raised in the jungle,innocently enough, packed a mini machete (about a 10 inch blade) in his back pack for an international flight! When thy took it from him he was so confused! How did they expect him to protect himself in Caracas with out the machete!

Glenn Bartley said...

Lucky the airport wasn't closed down, lol.