Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another war - doubtful!

Even though Iran has lit the tinder that would have easily been fanned into the flames of war in past times, I sort of doubt that their provocation of England will result in a war this time around. Regarding the 15 British military personnel who were captured by the Iranian naval forces, the European Union has been outspoken, and according to the article Iran: UK Troops Illegally Entered Waters @,4670,BritishSeizedIran,00.html

"The European Union also called for the "immediate liberation" of the captured sailors, according to German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, whose country holds the EU's rotating presidency."

Of course, Great Britain has also called for their immediate release, as so they should be released. Yet, I have to wonder, if Iran does not release them immediately, what will be the consequence? It is probable that the EU will do absolutely nothing but grumble more. The UK will also grumble on and on. My guess is also that Iran will eventually (probably in the near future) release them, unharmed. Of course maybe Iran will execute them instead, or imprison them for many years. Then maybe the Brits will feel their oats, and they will retaliate, and there will be another war ongoing in the world. I sort of doubt it though, my guess is that this is all chest pounding, and behind the scenes dealing (of which there is likely already some going on). Who will capitulate the most - my guess is England; and although I would hope that not be the case, I am almost certain it will be so. I also believe that in this matter the EU will be useless, but I may yet be proven wrong - Iran may benefit from the EU's lack of spine after all is said and done.

All the best,
Glenn B