Sunday, October 22, 2006

A little bit of help from the readers...

...would be nice. No I do not mean financial help, I am not about to ask for money for me to buy a new gun, or a used pick up truck, or to by myself a new camera, or a new pet, or for an operation, or for a trip fund, or anything like that. Heck I work for a living and make decent money - although I will admit I may start begging if I ever get more than about 9 readers a day, and at least one of them is rich.

The help I am seeking is one of product recognition. Again nothing to benefit me financially, allow me to explain. I am trying to find out if anyone recognizes the product I am about to describe, because I sure would like to be able to find it again. Many years ago, I am guessing at least 15 or so, my brother who is not at all into firearms bought me some gun cleaning products. The product consisted of a boxed set of three bottles, all plastic. Each bottle was the same size, about 8 to 10 ounces would be my guess this many years, and far fewer little gray cells, later.

One bottle contained a gun cleaning solvent, it was crystal clear, like water. It had a nice lemony aroma to it. It cleaned a firearm better than any other product I have ever used. I would pout one wet patch through a barrel, and then one dry patch. Then second which usually came out either clean or almost clean. It hardly ever took more than three dry patches to come out clean, and I mean really clean.

The second bottle contained a gun oil. It was a run of the mill gun oil as far as I recall.

The third bottle contained an oil to clean and treat wood stocks. It did nice work, and when rubbed in with plenty of rubbing gave a lasting finish to oil finished or unfinished stocks.

The box, if I remember right was open fronted, at least partially so you could see the bottles. There was no cellophane. I think the box was a dark red, almost like a garnet; with black printing.

The product was manufactured in Vermont.

My guess is my brother got it from a catalogue sale. I do not know for sure, and he does not remember.

Hopefully those are enough clues, if the product is still around, to have someone point me in the right direction.

All help is appreciated; and by the way, if you want to send money because you have nothing better to do with it, I have a mortgage and a college bill that need paying. LOL

All the best,
Glenn B


Chris Byrne said...

The product you are looking for is RB-17, or rather the product line. The set you describe is one of their several sets of complementary products.

I don't know if it is still sold, but it is excellent stuff. I have a half dozen bottles of it.

Glenn Bartley said...


I don't think that is the same product, the one I had was a liquid not a gel, and was made in Vermont (that I remember for sure).

I did go to the RB-17 website though, and it looks as if I may just have to try this stuff. It sounds almost like a miracle cleaner for firearms.


Chris Byrne said...

Hmmm, I have different types of RB17 that are both liqids, and gels; but I have no idea where the stuff is made.

Anyway, I do recommend the RB17, it's good stuff.