Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Failed Assasination Attempt Against the President...

...of Venezuela, by the USA, and coming in the near future would not surprise me in the least; but of course if there is one it will have been staged - at least this is my hypothesis.

If you have not yet realized it, the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez is, at least in the opinion of some sane people, an ultra leftist kook. His recent speeches, at the United Nations and at the church in Harlem, NY, revealed a side of him to the world that he probably would have been better off suppressing in front of the cameras. Yet I am happy he made those speeches as they probably rob him of virtually all credibility in the eyes of normal people. This man, the same one who allegedly has sent large numbers of his political opponents to die before firing squads, who allegedly squashes democracy in his own country on a daily basis through fear and violent retribution, who allegedly has virtually destroyed the economy of Venezuela by eliminating the middle class and now having only two classes rich and very poor, had the temerity to call the president of the United States of America el Diablo (among other things). This man, who is an ally of Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria, would try to have people believe he is a seeker of freedom! It is outrageous to say the least.

Well, while he allies himself with our enemies, while he may be an ultra leftist kook, while he slams our president - it does not mean he cannot form plots to control others, and to keep himself in control while attempting to garner support for his twisted idea of him being a good leader. His speeches, I think, were just one of these attempts. In the speeches I see the possibility of another such plot being formed or even starting to be carried out toward the end of garnering Chavez more support from ultra leftist USA hating whackos. Do you see it too. While it may not actually happen, it would not surprise me if we were made to think that someone has tried it.

What I am speaking to are Chavez's claims that since he made those speeches in which he called President Bush the devil, he has repeatedly said that his 'friends' have warned him that President Bush may try to have him killed. He said it here in the USA, now he repeated it today in Venezuela:

"Some worried friends over there have called me (to say) that because I called him the devil they have condemned me to death," Chavez said without elaborating further on his sources.
"But they won't kill me. I have faith in life," he said. "I know how to take care of myself and the Lord will protect me and you all will protect me," he told a cheering crowd in eastern Venezuela where he was visiting a group of state-funded agricultural cooperatives. (from @,2933,215368,00.html

Can't you see it already. This is what I imagine is coming: Sometime in the near future, we are going to turn on the news to learn about an alleged but failed assassination attempt against Hugo Chavez. All the evidence that will be gathered will point in only one direction - to the Whitehouse and president GWB. The thing is though, this will all have been fabricated by Chavez and his cronies.

Of course this is all hypothetical on my part, but I believe there is a chance of this happening from how Chavez seemingly has been setting the stage. If he can pull it off, then much of the rest of the world will further condemn the USA and president Bush, much of the rest of the world will see Chavez as the next Fidel Castro, much of the rest of the world will have fallen further into a pit of lunacy. Of course, he will not even have to pull it off convincingly if he really tries this. He would just have to make us wonder, was there really an assassination attempt - and this can be accomplished by staged minor injury to him, that appears to have been the result of an assassination attempt. The media circus to follow will do the rest.

If I am right in my hypothesis, my guess is also that this will happen in the not too distant future. I would say shortly before the general election day in the USA. So it would probably come in October sometime, or maybe very early November. It would be my guess Chavez would hope this to have the effect of causing the left and center to vote against the right in massive numbers. I think it would have another effect, just showing that the man is more nutty than even I had suspected before he visited the UN; and quite possibly causing a landslide victory for the right.

Time will tell if any of this comes to be, or if it was just a poor gues on my part. Probably just a poor guess on my part as I am not much of a conspiracy theorist; but then again, I sort of see it as a possibility nonetheless...

All the best,
Glenn B

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Draven said...

Unfortunately, I can see him trying a stunt like this. We'll just have to see if he can create a proper fake evidence trail.

If he does create such a trail, we should let out sometime 'allies' investigate it in a very public way on the world stage.