Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Bit Of Blather From Ballseye

Today is the first day of this blog, so I will give you a hint at what is to come later on. Well, it will probably wind up being a rant more than a blog. In future rants I'll talk about lots of things somewhat, and a few things a whole lot. Things near and dear to me are the USA, patriotism (that goes across party lines, if you are as old as me you should remember that, the real kind of patriotism not today's party affiliation loyalty and dedication, but loyalty and dedication to our country), my family, firearms and shooting them, herps (no not herpes - herps - or reptiles and amphibians, which I keep and breed as a hobby), ales and beers (of which I do not imbibe too excess, usually anyhow), good books, sci-fi, travel, hunting and fishing, photography, general adventure, world events, and on and on.

I hope you will join me to share your thoughts with me and my readers. Please, try to keep it polite, courteous, civil - no matter how much you may agree or disagree with another poster and what they have written. Thanks to all for this common courtesy.


Glenn Bartley said...

Wow it worked!

dogwit said...

Congratulations Glenn,good luck on this venture. Ill be sure to be stopping in from time to time. If you'll be driving through NH on your way to Maine, look me up.