Sunday, February 14, 2016

I Bet Those Beer Bottles Cracked...

...or popped their tops and that the beer cans at least bulged out of shape if not popped open. I mean the ones my son left out in our garage; excuse me while I go check them.

Time goes by as I check...

I just checked. Heck, the Heinekens he has out there are not even frozen one bit, not even slushy, and the Fosters Premium Ale can is in perfect condition (it looked so good I almost popped it open for me). I don't get it, my garage is not heated nor is it insulated. I would have thought it much colder in the garage right now than in my freezer, and especially so last night when temps were in the minus numbers. Beers freeze in my freezer in almost no time (or so it seems time wise when I forget them in there for a half hour or so). Strange how they did not freeze out in the garage in this we'd better call it Climate Change, uber anti-leftist, Global Warming cold snap we are having.

Oh well, not complaining about that, it's a good thing. Maybe I'll have one later.

All the best,
Glenn B


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