Monday, August 24, 2020

Surprise - COVID-19 Survives On Refrigerated & Frozen Food

COVID-19 has been found to be able to survive refrigeration and freezing. That has been hypothesized as the probable reason a number of same household members, some of whom who work in a frozen meat processing plant in New Zealand, have contracted the disease after 100 days of no new cases in that country. (Source.)

Why does it come as a surprise to anyone in the scientific or medical fields, specifically those researching COVID-19 or other viruses? The fact has long been that freezing viruses, for the long term, is one of the preferred methods of storing viruses for future study? (Source - see page 21 for the preferred method and temperature which they show as -70 C or in other words very cold and very frozen.)

And they call themselves experts on this virus - nope not yet are they such. It was called the Novel Corona Virus at first and it is little wonder no one is an expert on something new.

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riverrider said...

well if you follow the directions on the box, no problem, lol...but though it may be a new strain, corona is not new and they should know more about it. this one is different because it has been altered in the lab by idiots posing as geniuses. thankfully it appears that nature has taking hold and mutated it to the point of non-lethality for all but the worst cases.