Saturday, July 4, 2020

Another Crybaby Of The Left

That she apparently had the unmitigated audacity to make a followup video in which she cries that it was the fault of someone other than herself that she lost her job simply boggles my mind. Leftists, it seems, rarely if ever accept responsibility for their own wrong-doing. To them it's almost always the fault of someone else when anything goes wrong in their lives.

She seemingly has zero clue that she undoubtedly appears to be the one responsible for saying she would stab someone, anyone, whom next she heard saying All Lives Matter. She appears to have no clue that she evidently was responsible for posting a video of herself saying so online. However, suddenly it is is all the fault of they who support President Trump for her being fired from her job. She seems incapable of placing the blame squarely upon her own shoulders where it surely, in  my opinion, would fit quite well. 

Regardless of the statements she made about harming someone, those statements she made set aside, who would want to have someone working for them who shunned responsibility as she apparently shuns it.

All the best,
Glenn B

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